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Director: Derek AhonenDP: Jeff MelansonFormat: Super16mm filmWINNER Best Cinematography Prison City Movie Festival 2019Best Original Movie Script Madrid Int. Film Festival 2018OFFICIAL SELECTIONSarasota Movie Celebration 2018, Switzerland Int. Movie Festival 2018, Madrid Int. Film Festival 2018, Cult Critic Film Awards 2018, Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2018, Genre Event Celebration 2018, North Hollywood Cinefest 2019, Near Nazareth Festival 2018, NY Indie Theater Movie Festival 2019, London Int.

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Roger, a Rasputin-like drifter, is in search of the supreme indie-rock band, The Transcendents. the word transcendent means. What he discovers is less than transcendent: a band who has actually all but deserted society, a host of undesirable memories, and more concerns than answers looking for his own existential fulfillment. Embed in the Wonderland of America's Do-it-Yourself music scene, The Transcendents is a dark comedic fairytale that straddles the line in between the absurd and the all too real.

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8 wins & 10 elections. transcendence movie. See more awards Secret Sci-Fi Thriller 6.8/ 10 A secret thriller about a 1980's dedicated Czechoslovakian communist celebration member visiting his future self in London (UK), to make certain Socialism still succeeds. Director: Martin Grof Stars: Johnny Mindlin, Richard Canal, Sophie Wilson Action Thriller 5.1/ 10 A girl who has supernatural powers and visions of an approaching armageddon is assisted by a retired fugitive hunter who must safeguard her from those who wish to utilize her abilities for evil.

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Drude, Tony Gardner, Heath Hampson Drama 5.9/ 10 An Aboriginal young boy is torn in between his unexpected love of acting and the disintegration of his family. Director: Sarah Spillane Stars: Hunter Page-Lochard, Christina Ricci, Aaron L. McGrath Horror 6.2/ 10 A girl is carried to another measurement where spirits and demons hide.

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Director: Adam O'Brien Stars: Keith Dowell, Carolyn Fields, Charlotte Hunter Criminal Offense 7/10 A Gripping Horrible Journey in Broad Daylight which revolves around 9 BRAINS, 9 CRIMINAL OFFENSES in 9 HOURS. the word transcendent means.!. Director: Mahesh Reddy Stars: Kubra Sheikh Elyas, Sreejith Gangadharan, Phoebe Jakober Scary 4.8/ 10 In the latest chapter of the chilling horror franchise, The Invoking 5: phantoms, paranormal occasions are caught around the world in what may be the largest scale haunting ever tape-recorded in human history.

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The audacious naughty teen changes her destiny near death by ... See complete summary Director: Britton Stebbins Stars: Alexa Rae, Deana Hernandez, Britton Stebbins Dream Horror Thriller 6.8/ 10 Bill and Ashely DiAngelo seem to have everything, an abroad publishing to Singapore, life in paradise and a new child on the method.

Director: Jennifer Phillips Stars: Alyx Melone, Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, Biden Hall Comedy 3.8/ 10 Horny American teenagers fly to Australia for sex at the social media convention in Sydney. Will Logan survive his worry of flying? Will the pilots survive passengers not utilizing airplane mode? Will anyone survive? Directors: David Dinetz, Dylan Trussell Stars: Nick Swardson, Lorynn York, Chloe Bridges Comedy 6.3/ 10 Bumboo movie is based on one basic idea.

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In Bumboo the film . (transcendence movie).. See complete summary Director: Jagdish Rajpurohit Stars: Kavin Dave, Sharat Saxena, Sanjay Mishra Scary 5.7/ 10 That scary doll Charlotte is back with all new tales of shock and disgust. Charlotte takes you on an otherworldly journey of frightening tales of offensive terror that will delight you and chill you.

Director: Wen-Han Shih Stars: Shayla Beesley, James Jurdi, Justin Henry Roger, a Rasputin-like drifter, is in search of the ultimate indie-rock band, The Transcendents. What he finds is less than transcendent: a band who has actually all but abandoned society, a host of unpleasant memories, and more questions than answers searching for his own existential satisfaction.

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Written by Confidential A band has gone missing. An unusual man has been sent out to discover them. 19 June 2020 (U.S.A.) See more $90,000 (approximated) See more on IMDbPro 96 minutes See full technical specs (the transcendence trailer).

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I need to confess that I'm a sucker for a roadway film: "Rain Guy," "It Took Place One Night," "The Grapes of Wrath," all those Bing-and-Bob films (the transcendents film). They're all, when you think about it, practically the same movie: two (or more) characters who do not like each other quite take a long road journey.

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Call it "The Automotive Lifeboat" story we're stuck here together so we may also be buddies. Advertisement On a much deeper level, nevertheless, the roadway in roadway movies usually represents something a lot more effective than asphalt and yellow lines. What that deeper thing is depends on the film: life, death, the journey from peace of mind to insanity or vice versa.